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Orthodontics Treatment.


Dental procedures can repair damaged teeth or replace them with dentures and implants, but if you have multiple complications or want major cosmetic changes, Full Mouth Rehabilitation is the way to go.

At DENTO HUB , our restorative dentists can perform various procedures like root canal treatment, veneers, bridges and crowns. They’ll guide you on the most suitable procedure to restore your teeth and inform you whether a normal oral health procedure would be enough or full mouth rehabilitation will be needed.

When You Might Need Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full-mouth rehabilitation, restoration and reconstruction are interchangeable names for the process of completely restructuring all the teeth present in the upper and lower jaws. It can be prescribed for cosmetic changes like re-aligning your teeth for a perfect smile or in cases that require multiple procedures to repair long-term damage.

Full mouth rehabilitation may be needed under certain circumstances, like
  • Teeth that are missing due to trauma or injury
  • Fractured or injured teeth
  • Severely worn teeth due to the long term acid erosion or simply tooth grinding.
  • Disturbed bite caused by misaligned teeth

The processes that are covered under full mouth rehabilitation are
  • Crowns and/or bridges
  • Dental implants
  • Veneers
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Scaling
  • Fillings
  • Re-alignment/adjusting the bite


Why at DENTO HUB ?

Our clinic has the most advanced equipment, ensuring you get only the best in treatment. All your dental procedures will be carried out by our elite team of highly skilled doctors, who have vast experience in dental procedures and treatments, so you can be sure you’ll get only the best when you schedule a consultation with us on your oral health.

At the DENTO HUB, you are our priority and we strive to make your experience comfortable and trouble-free, so get in touch with us today!

Before and after a full mouth rehabilitation…


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